Love-A-Bull, while a registered NPO, relies solely on public donations and funding to stay afloat. Any donations are always most welcome and appreciated. You can make a donation via EFT directly into our bank account. Love-a-Bull SA (NPO 184681) Fnb Branch 250655 Current 62696206921

Alternatively, you can donate items directly, here is our wishlist:

  •  Blankets – new or 2nd hand
  •  Dog beds or kennels – new or 2nd hand
  • Any type of dry dog food
  • Tins of dog food welcome
  • Dog treats and / or biscuits
  • Toys
  • Brooms- kennels are swept daily
  • Chemicals (Jays Fluid, Domestic, Pine Gel etc.)
  • Building material (mesh, gum poles, bricks, cement  or paint)
  • Cotton wool
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dog bowls
  • Old towels
  • Baby plastic splash pool for the summer
  • Old tubs – (big / small to store and safe keep food in)
  • Pad locks – to secure kennels at night
  • Collars – for large and medium size dogs
  • Leashes – for large dogs
To Donate items on our ‘wishlist’ or for more details email Also, any assistance we can get with our Vet Bills would be greatly appreciated!
Love-A-Bull: Pitbull Rescue and Adoption South Africa