We, at Love-A-Bull SA, make sure that we chose the perfect new parents for our dogs so that they are setup for success. 
Strict home checks and adoption procedures apply.

You can download our adoption application here: adoption-application-form 
Or email us for further information here: loveabulladoptions@gmail.com
Below is our list of dogs currently available for adoption.

Available for Adoption

Gorgeous girl, 1 year old, full of smiles and puppy antiques, ready to join her very own family that will love and adore her the way she deserves to be. Read More
Gorgeous Annie is 1 year old and a real love bug. Loves people, fun and cuddling and also will enjoy 1 or 2 friendly male fur friends to just play Read More
Female, 3 years old. Maybe introduced to a medium to large male dog. No cats.
Have you ever seen such an exceptionally beautiful boy!? Archie is 2 years old and a real charmer. He walks beautifully on a leash, is house trained and sits to Read More
Bouncer - 4.5years old. Stunning boy that has also been waiting some time for his happy ending, to be noticed by that special person that will love and protect him Read More
Female, 2 years old. Only Pet.
Male, 1 year old. Maybe introduced to a medium to large female dog. No cats
We have so many black beauties waiting to be chosen. Chaka, 4 years old is another hunk in need of a warm and loving home. Gorgeous boy that loves people Read More
Charlie is a gorgeous, gentle, smiley young boy that would love to be noticed and find that special family to take him home. He is 2 years old, to be Read More
Chase - Booked for Adoption
Chase has been waiting to be noticed for some time quite happy and content but really would love to find his special family to call his own. He is a Read More
Chino, 6 years old and is a magnificent girl, approximately five years old and will make a wonderful companion to the right family. She has been waiting and waiting for Read More
Male, 1 year old. Only pet
Female, +/- 6 Months old. May be introduced to a family medium to large dog. No cats.
Not very often that the most gorgeous brindle pups comes around! Dusty has been blessed with the most beautiful coat. She is 1 year old, typical playful happy puppy love Read More
Grace is 1.5 years old and truly a magnificent little girl with the most beautiful silver grey coat and a heart of gold. She is only approximately one year old Read More
Female, 1 year old, Maybe introduced to a medium to large male dog friend. No cats.
Jasmin (Cross)
Female, +/-4Months old, Cross breed, okay with other dogs but no cats.
Male, 2 years old. Only pet
Juno (Cross)
Female, Cross Breed, +/- 6Months old. Okay with dogs and cats.
Kelly is a sweet and gentle girl, approximately 3.5 years old. She loves human companionship and will enjoy and active family that enjoys having fun and cuddles. Kelly must be Read More
Female, 8 month old. Maybe introduces to a large friendly male. No cats.
Our sweet Kiara is in need of her own family 💜 She is a young girl of about 1.5 years old, who loves human attention and kisses. Kiara will be suitable Read More
Logan is a handsome young male of 1 years old. can maybe be introduced to a medium to large friendly female dog (non pitbull) and no cats.
Female, 8 month old. Only pet. No cats.
Misty the gorgeous female pup of about 10 months old. Should be only pet, no cats.
Have you met Ozzy??? Absolutely handsome 1 year old boy in need of his own forever home. Loves to play and have fun, or just hang around in his splash Read More
Male, 3 years old, only pet. No cats.
Male, about 10 months old. Could be introduced to a medium to large friendly female dog. No cats.
Ricky is a magnificent black beauty inside and out He is approximately 1.5 years old, loves water, having fun with people, walks beautifully on a leash and only needs a Read More
Gorgeous Romeo waiting for his special family that will make all his dreams come true, love, protect and cherish him till forever! Romeo enjoys just having fun with his humans Read More
Female, about 10 months old. Only pet. No cats.
Female, 1.5year old. Only pet. No cats.
Rusty is a 1 year old male, may be introduced to a medium to large friendly female dog, no cats
Female, 3 Years old. Only pet, no cats.
Star is a beautiful young Female pup of about 10 months old. Need to be an only pet. No cats.
Troy the 2nd
Male, about 1.5years old. Only pet. no cats
This magnificent, smiling, jolly pup with a zest for fun and life is Troye. Only approximately 1 year old and so hopeful of finding that special family soon that he Read More
Gorgeous 2 year old lady with a life time of wisdom and love in her heart, she just needs that special human to pick her. Xara loves her humans and Read More