As a Pit Bull owner, advocate and the founder of Love-A-Bull Rescue, it breaks my heart knowing that Pit Bulls are one of the most maligned and misunderstood dog breeds in the world.

Advocate & Educate

My first priority is to educate and promote responsible Pit Bull ownership.  I strive to advocate for a breed that has no voice and falls victim to discrimination and cruelty due to an undeserved reputation.   This breed should be known for its loyalty, compassion and unconditional love which define it in every way and manner.

It is emotionally draining and physically demanding to run a rescue in general.  To run a rescue specializing in a specific breed, as that of the Pit Bull whom many hate, fear, misunderstand, demonize and doom to death, is extremely difficult and completely different.

I have chosen to love this breed.  I have made a choice not to stand by and do nothing.  I have chosen to try and make a difference.

Love-A-Bull: Pitbull Rescue and Adoption South Africa
Love-A-Bull: Pitbull Rescue and Adoption South Africa

Are you ready to join me in this journey today?

Judith Meyers
Founder – Love-A-Bull SA