Events, News & An Influx of Dogs…. Weekly Round Up 27 June

Love-A-Bull: Pitbull Rescue and Adoption South Africa

Hey Love-A-Bull Fam!

Sorry for the radio silence, there was a technical issue which I’ve resolved and we’re back, with a jam packed weekly round up!

First UP….

Our next FUN(d) raiser is this Sunday! Fun with Border Collie Rescue is this Sunday and we really hope to see you all there!


No dogs are to be taken off lead at any time, before, during or after the event.

No aggressive dogs as this makes the walk very unpleasant for other people and their dogs.

If your dog is on heat she will not be allowed on the premises.

No children under the age of 16 is allowed to handle a dog alone.

Owners must please clean up after their own dogs and throw poop away – poop schoops and plastic bags will be available at the venue.

Please make sure your dog wears his/her bandana or a colored ribbon of choice.
– Green for FRIENDLY
– Orange for NO DOGS
– Red for CAUTION
– Yellow for NERVOUS
– Blue for TRAINING
– White for DEAF or BLIND

Remember big and small dogs will join. The day is for to enjoy, please be patience and be tolerant towards each others

Please join the event on Face Book to get more information:

You are welcome (wink wink) to bring donations of food, blankets to the event. You can see our wishlist here:


Our Kennels…

Are literally exploding at the seams!

We have so many new comers in need of loving homes, here are just a few examples:

If you’d like to adopt please get in touch with us, you’ll find our adoption procedure and applications here:

We also have a number of old timers, who have been with us for months or even years and who are SO deserving of their own forever families.

Please note, our adoption email address has changed to:

Puppies & Training

We have been inundated with requests for assistance regarding puppies. While we will NEVER support active breeding of Pit Bull’s or any breed given the high number of dogs neglected, abused and abandoned in shelters, we realise that we will sadly, never be able to stop people from buying puppies, so we have put together a list of what you need to look out for when buying a puppy, we hope you will use this list and find it helpful. You will find all the information you need here:

Tips For Purchasing A Puppy … If You MUST!

We support force free training. For a list of suitable force free trainers for your Pit Bull, please follow us on Face Book

You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our news feed on the right hand side of the page, to stay up to date with our news and events.

Once again, we’d like to thank every one of you who has sponsored on of our Pitties, or who donates, you have no idea what your support means and what a difference it makes on a daily basis for our dogs.

Till next time….