The Garden Route opens its hearts to Love-A-Bull Rescue recently hosted their annual Polar Bear Plunge – Get freezing for a reason and they names Love-A-Bull as one of their beneficiaries. Here’s what they had to say about it:

The Polar Bear plunge feels like a distant memory but we’re happy to announce that they’re still spreading the love.

There’s no doubt that July 29th 2017 will go down in history as the day that hundreds of generous Garden Route residents showed their true colours. Every year, hosts the Polar Bear Plunge, which gives the local George community the opportunity to “get freezin’ for a reason” in the icy waters of Victoria Bay. Why did they do it? They did it because they are good, fun loving people who care about their community. Participants donated a blanket as an entry fee, and over 650 blankets were collected and were distributed to 3 major charities that were charged with warming up the less fortunate people and animals. The beneficiaries of the Polar Bear Plunge include The AACL, Rotary Club of George and Thanda Jesu.

This year, pet insurer, also identified Love-A-Bull, as a beneficiary.  Love-A-Bull specializes in Pit Bull rescue and adoption in South Africa.  Love-A-Bull’s first priority is to educate and promote responsible Pit Bull Ownership. Pit Bulls as a breed are misunderstood to say the least and often falls victim to discrimination and cruelty due to an unfair reputation. Love-A-Bull aims to change this by being a true advocate for the breed.  Pit Bulls should be known for their loyalty, compassion and unconditional. Combatting animal cruelty is one of the causes closest to our hearts at the Pet Insurance family and we appreciate organisations like Love-A-Pitbull as well as the work done by countless other dedicated South Africans who together try to combat animal cruelty.
On Friday, 8 September, at a handover in Johannesburg, Pet Insurance donated 40 blankets to this organization. is proud to be able to contribute to this organization, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Love-A-Bull for the amazing work they do advocating, , educating and in essence, rescuing the Pit Bull breed. is a product of Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited (FSP 39925) and Oakhurst Life Limited (FSP 44793), authorised financial services providers.

We, at Love-A-Bull would like to thank and all everyone involved for their generous donations.